So what is Dr YES all about? Dr YES comes to your high school and offers students the unique opportunity to have sensitive conversations about topical issues in youth health; including: sexual health, mental health and alcohol and other drugs.

The sessions are not about telling students what they can and can’t do. Instead, students are encouraged and empowered to make their own informed decisions that prioritises their positive health outcomes.

Dr YES session are a fantastic opportunity for high school students to ask questions and have discussions they might not feel comfortable having with their teachers or parents. All Dr YES volunteers are young people and high school students find this conducive to having open and honest conversations.

The ultimate aim of a Dr YES session is to provide a basis of understanding on topical youth health issues and how to access healthcare if they find themselves with more questions or concerns about their own health.


Our mental health sessions aim to create awareness of mental health issues affecting young people, advocate positive mental health and support students.

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High school and puberty can be a turbulent time: sexuality and relationships offer a new and exciting world!

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Alcohol & Other Drugs

The alcohol and other drugs session is all about harm minimisation and encouraging positive health outcomes.