Sexual Health Session

High school and puberty can be a turbulent time: sexuality and relationships are often a new and exciting world! Dr YES aims to impart the necessary knowledge to navigate this time safely. The sexual health session covers everything from STIs, pregnancy and contraception to consent to pornography and sexting.

  • The main types of bacterial & viral STIs
  • Signs & symptoms of STIs
  • Where and how to get an STI test
  • Consequences of untreated STIs
  • Knowing your own body and when it is time to see a doctor
  • ‘Ready, willing & able’ model of consent
  • Sex and the law
  • Consent and intoxication
  • Traffic light activity – a practical discussion on consent and negotiation
  • How to safely use a condom (demonstration)
  • Using lubricant safely with condoms
  • Where to buy condoms
  • Barrier vs hormonal contraceptive and their protection against pregnancy/STIs
  • Pros & cons of each type of contraception
  • Where and how to obtain the various forms of contraception
  • Emergency contraception and where to get it
  • What is porn
  • ‘Pornisms’ activity – How porn differs from sex in real life
  • How could you tell if you’re watching too much porn
  • Tips for safer porn use
  • What is a sext and why people sext
  • Sexting and the law
  • Potential outcomes of sexting
  • If you receive a sext
  • How to send a ‘safer’ sext
  • Who to go to for help and advice
  • What are medicare cards for and how to use them
  • Bulk billing and how to ask for it
  • Doctor-patient confidentiality
  • The importance of finding a GP that you can trust and feel comfortable with


Sessions are tailored to the age and maturity of the students, and we believe cultural sensitivity is integral to effective communication.

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