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Many adolescents have trouble talking to doctors about sensitive issues associated with their health such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual health and mental health. It’s really important to remember that doctors are bound by confidentiality laws, so whatever you share during your appointment is strictly between the two of you. Doctors are trained professionals and will always want to help you in whatever way they can. So if you have any concerns about your health or just want to talk to someone who will listen, your local GP is a great place to start. Below are some links we think might be helpful for you:

A Youth Friendly Doctor (YFD) | Dr Yes | Youth Education Sessions

A Youth Friendly Doctor

A Youth Friendly Doctor (YFD) is a doctor who is specially trained in dealing with issues that affect young people. The AMA (WA) provides an updated listing of qualified doctors who are ready to talk about these issues.

Lawstuff Logo | Dr Yes | Youth Education Sessions


A website with info about laws and legal rights for people under 18 years in Australia, such as moving out of home, buying a car, renting a house, having sex, and using alcohol and other drugs.

Medicare Card | Dr Yes | Youth Education Sessions


Medicare Australia is an Australian Government agency, delivering a range of payments and services to the Australian community.

Medicare Card Application

Click on this link to order your own Medicare card.