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Your Current GP

The best doctor to see is often one you know already, so if there’s a GP you’ve seen before who you feel comfortable talking to, you should go and see them first. Alternatively, ask your friends if they know of a good doctor you can go and see.

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A Youth Friendly Doctor

A Youth Friendly Doctor (YFD) is a doctor who is specially trained in dealing with issues that affect young people. The AMA (WA) provides an updated listing of qualified doctors who are ready to talk about these issues.

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FPWA Sexual Health Services

FPWA Sexual Health Services has doctors and nurses trained specifically in sexual health issues, and have centres in Fremantle and Northbridge. They also have a sexual health helpline – call (08) 9227 6178.

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Yellow Pages

To find your nearest GP, the best place to look is in the Yellow Pages or online via the link here. Just search for “doctor” in your suburb.